Covid-19 has caused chaos to how many businesses are run, with organisations grappling with creating or maintaining a culture in an ever shifting and challenging environment. From employees that worked throughout the pandemic to those returning from furlough, or staff that are still shielding or returning to socially distanced workspaces – businesses need to support a variety of employee scenarios to form a cohesive culture. Employees will have different concerns which employers need to take into account, and good communications will play a central role in how well this situation is managed, particularly now as schools start to return, staycations are coming to an end and many will be looking to return to work – either in person or remotely.

Where the present situation remains tumultuous for many businesses, communicating regularly with employees can help to create culture. For employees returning to work, they will be keen to know about the Covid safety measures implemented in the workplace – be it a warehouse, construction site or office. For those yet to return, communication remains imperative to engagement in helping them to feel part of a team and overall company. Listening to employees, accommodating requests where possible, making home working more practical, getting creative with engagement exercises, and communicating effectively throughout – all helps to create culture during chaos.