Supporting employees struggling with PMDD

woman in white gown on desert representing supporting women struggling with PMDD

With little to no treatment currently available to help combat premenstrual dysphoric disorder, employers may want to consider what measures they can implement to help employees who suffer from this condition.

Is your workplace culture one of blame?

a bird flying in the sky representing moving higher to go above the line

Unfortunately, it seems that a workplace culture of blame is not uncommon among organisations but it doesn’t have to be that way. By taking steps towards a culture of accountability we can stop playing the blame game and welcome a productive shift in thinking and behaviour.

The transformative power of trust

two people standing on rock signifying trust

Trust begins at the leadership level with executives and senior managers delivering a trusted, safe and secure environment for all staff. Let’s look at the importance of trust and how it can be nurtured.

Winners announced for Culture Pioneer Awards 2023

Culture Pioneer winners 23

The time has finally arrived for us to reveal the winners of our 2023 Culture Pioneer Awards. Find out who went home with the trophies for their exceptional achievements in organisational culture change…

Sexism in the City: How the ‘Boys’ Club’ perpetuates pay gaps

low angle photography of building

On International Women’s Day, the Treasury Committee published its Sexism in the City report, and called for an end to the ‘era of impunity’. As we know, this era has gone on long enough. Working on a project in financial services around 10 years ago in South Africa, I learned that, apparently, between the 1960s […]

International Women’s Day 2024: Inspire Inclusion

four person holding each others waist at daytime

Today is International Women’s Day 2024 and this year’s theme is Inspire Inclusion. So, instead of coming up with a feisty piece calling out gender-based injustice and offering guidance on how to create change, this year we have gone in a different direction. This year we want to inspire women and allies, by sharing stories […]

How to take responsibility for your failures

Spilled milk, depicting mistakes and failures

Owning up to your faux pas is daunting, but necessary if you want to cultivate a transparent, safe-to-fail company culture. Thom Dennis, CEO of Serenity in Leadership, explores how to acknowledge your blunders with dignity.

Leading ethically but how? A robust guide

tree, lake, stars

Where we could spend hours talking about leading ethically (conceptual), how do we actually do it (experiential) and how do we know we’re leading ethically? Karen Liebenguth shares a robust guide for leaders who want to lead with wisdom and compassion.

Performance management, without the tick boxes

woman, travel, hike, depicting performance

Cynicism and rancour surround performance management and the typical appraisal. How can we transition this tiring, bureaucratic process into a fortifying ritual? Quentin Millington shares eight guidelines for a more human way.

How to know if your culture needs work

a close up view of a green surface with wavy lines

We know that workplace culture has a defining impact on strategy delivery, but how do you know if your culture is hindering performance so much that it needs investment and focus? Is an engagement survey enough to read the signs?

Assess candidates on potential impact, not personality

water, drop, nature, impact concept

Assessing candidates and employees on their potential to make a positive impact, rather than cultural fit, could be the most important people decision you ever make. Here, Nathan Ott, The GC Index, sets out five unique ways people can add value and how to uncover these proclivities in the recruitment process.