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Interview with CEO Pete Weir: Building an inclusive society for tomorrow’s leaders

How can we create a more inclusive society for our children of today and leaders of tomorrow? Pete Weir, CEO of Washwood Heath Multi Academy Trust, talks about building an inclusive workplace culture that has a positive ripple effect on the children they teach.
Culture Pioneer Inclusion winners

In 2023, Washwood Heath Multi Academy Trust won the Inclusion category of the Culture Pioneer Award. The Trust was commended for its achievements in strengthening workplace diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), as well as it’s aspirations for building an inclusive society. Additionally, it’s robust DEI strategy, with board-level buy-in, is one that has hugely benefitted both teaching staff and students.

The Trust’s overarching mission is to build a more inclusive world by creating a positive ripple effect from it’s teachers through to its students, who will ultimately go on to become our leaders in business, politics, and education. It’s an ambitious, inspiring goal, and we wanted to learn what it takes behind the scenes to make this happen.

In this short interview, Pete Weir, CEO of the Trust, talks to HRZone’s managing editor Becky Norman about it’s attentive approach to diversity and inclusion. He shares:

  • The difficult conversations that NEED to be had to truly make a difference
  • Why DEI should be part of an organisation’s overarching goals and purpose
  • What it meant to win the Culture Pioneer award for inclusion.

Watch the full interview: CEO Pete Weir on building an inclusive society

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Becky Norman

Managing Editor

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