Are you using league tables to "force rank" your employees?  We see them used in lots of contact cetres with unintended devistating results.  All the science points to the fact that it is important for an employee to know their relative capability. This is very ifferent from publishing that "relative capability" on a daily/weekly basis.  The reality is, for the VAST MAJORITY of your workforce being told they are something less than the Top 10 creates negative emotions and is frankly completely uneccesary and negatively impacts their motivation at work.  Also you will find if you do the analystics that its the "usual suspects" (we call them the Olympians) that top these league tables week in, week out.  So whats the point?  Sure its easy and perhaps it makes you think that it will make people "pull their socks up".  It doesnt work.  You would be far better served ditching the league table and measuring employee performance against personal best.

Dont get me wrong, we dont advocate the everyones a winner philospohy preached in some UK schools right now!  Quite the opposite, employers need to set minimum performance standards and employees need to achieve these.  But, for an employee to be intrinsically motivated at work, they need to know their relative value/worth, they just dont need to be reminded publically that 299 colleagues are better than them!

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