Recognise This! – Strategic Recognition is very different from old school employee rewards and incentives.

Earlier this month, Abhishek Mittal, author of the Mumblr blog, did me the honor of interviewing me for a post on his blog: Designing an Effective Recognition Programme (Interview).

Pop over to Abhishek’s post to see my full answers to these questions:

There is something you call “Strategic Recognition.” Could you share with me what Strategic Recognition is all about and how it benefits organisations?

Strategic recognition is very different from what many people think of as employee recognition and reward programmes. It’s much more than a years of service programme or sales incentives. And the benefits are proven, significant and attainable by nearly any organisation.

Human Resources professionals often draw out recognition programmes for their organisations. What are some of the missing ingredients in such programmes based on your experience? What are the key elements to consider when designing such programmes?

I share the 5 Tenets of Strategic Recognition and how to build them into your employee recognition programmes.

Is there a measurable ROI on strategic recognition programmes?

Indubitably, yes!

In your opinion, are non-monetary forms of rewards & recognition as effective as monetary forms?

No. Non-monetary rewards and recognition are MORE effective than monetary forms.

Finally, what are 3 recent books that you enjoyed reading?

Click through for my recommendations for summer reading!

I’ve subscribed to Abhishek’s blog for years now and highly recommend his blog to you. I consistently learn something valuable from his insightful posts and commentary on employee engagement, management and human resources.