I was contacted by a friend over the weekend. His name is Darren and he is the head of customer experience for a very well known brand. Well truth be told I was drifting through Twitterville and something he said caught my eye.

His broadband has been offline for a few days and, long story short, he’s not making much progress. In fact his sorry tale is shot through with disengagement resulting in poor service.

So – I did what any friend would do under the circumstances, I wrote a song about his story. Interestingly, the company which Darren is being troubled by spotted the song and has now been in touch with me, and with him and are looking into the problem.

Will they fix it? Let’s hope so. Are songs a good route to better service? Who knows, but maybe this one helped – just a little. If you choose to have a listen, I hope you like it.


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