One of the greatest communications blunders of all time has got to be the often quoted Come Alive with Pepsi! campaign. After whipping up a storm in the US and taking the decision to go global, Pepsi introduced their slogan to the world at large – but sadly neglected to appreciate that when directly translated into Chinese, Come Alive with Pepsi! promises that the product will ‘Bring Your Ancestors Back from the Grave’.

Communicating with employees in an increasingly diverse work environment is equally as complex as the intricacies brought by global communications. Whilst diversity brings with it a wealth of knowledge and expertise that, if properly tapped, will make your company a commercial success, failure to employ an inclusive communications strategy will end in disengaged and disillusioned individuals. Intelligent communication is the key to engaging staff and unlocking your workforce’s unique talents.

In order to make the most of your employees you have to learn to embrace diversity rather than whitewashing over it. To be inclusive of all walks of life requires you to point out the fact that everyone is different and develop the right form of communication to address this. Whilst different people prefer to receive information in different ways, speaking in plain terms by avoiding jargon and slang is just one measure you can employ to achieve mass communications and bridge the gap between CSR for the sake of it and a wholly engaged, truly performing workforce.

Ensuring that you instil a culture of free thinking and emphasise the importance of employees as valuable individuals will drive motivation amongst staff members and help you make the most of their distinctive skills.