You know how some people seem pre destined to choose a partner that is wrong for them? Their friends all despair at each abuser the victim seems to seem to think is Mr (or Ms) Right, when it’s plain to everyone else that everything this fiend in human form says is nonsense.

I’ve got a theory that HR officers are a bit like that. They seem to want to go for the – how shall I put this without naming names – Walter Archer/Jeffrey Mitty types. So much so, that the whole interview process is unconsciously designed to favour lunatics who are winging their way through a conversation, regurgitating small talk because they don’t know anything about a subject.  

Here’s just one example (which happened to a friend)

The HR lady asks you: "Why do you want to work in Big Bland Company?"

You rattle off three genuine reasons for wanting to work there.

A week later, the HR Lady gives you feedback on why your application went no further.

"You gave three good reasons why you wanted to work for Big Bland Company. But you could also have said it’s a Nice Company to Work For and They Have Great Social Activities"

Well hang on, what if thats not what you wanted to say? Does that mean you couldn’t do the job?

No! You gave an honest answer, not a fakers answer.

Procedure obsessives, who know everything about ticking boxes and nothing about the richness of human nature, tend to drive people away. And many of them work in HR!

You watch.

I will return to this subject in the coming weeks, with more evidence and better examples.

(This I just type in an idle moment. I’ll be back though, with better ammunition)

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