"Vision without action is a daydream, action without vision is a nightmare" ~ Japanese Proverb

A plan is all well and good, but are you actually carrying out that plan?

What is your progress?

Indeed, how often do you measure your progress and how do you quantify it?

The most successful leaders take action – and often BIG action, at that!

They don’t mind if the outcome doesn’t go their way, they just modify their approach until the outcome DOES go their way.

That’s the essence of a great leader – they never give in!

Do you fail to follow things through? If you do, start to notice why that is?

Could someone else make sure that it is done? Remember, top leaders have a winning team around them – they don’t have to do everything themselves they just have to make sure that everything gets done!

So what did you do last week to ensure your success and your team’s success?

What actions are you taking right now to ensure this?

And what are you planning to do next week?

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