Ability to Make Changes Online

It can become a major issue in your business if your phone systems are only able to store data on the phones your employees use. Whenever a phone breaks or starts to malfunction, you will have to scramble to have the calls re-routed to a new phone that mirrors the prior one. This also limits the administrators. With an online structure, the admin can access the data and re-route phones as needed from wherever they are. There’s no need to have the actual phone in their hands. This in turn saves your business time and money.

Have Access to Advanced Call Controls

With some cloud-based phone systems, you are given ultimate access over the call controls, which includes call forwarding, call recording, call switching, sharing screens, transferring calls, instant messaging and replying by text to a caller. You are also able to hold quick phone conferences and receive visual voicemail. By having this type of control, you can transform your phone system into one that works for your business and its functions.

No Need for Capital

Your capital should be put to use elsewhere in your company, not for business phone systems. You can find VoIP phone systems that you can use to eliminate the capital you’d have to spend on traditional business phone line systems. The cost for a VoIP service includes top-of-the-line phones, which feature big LCD screens and buttons that are programmable. Some services even offer you unlimited phone service.

Link Phone Systems to Multiple Sites

If you are running a larger operation that has locations around the city, state, nation, or globe, than being able to have interconnected phone systems can be very beneficial. Linking together your phone system to multiple sites can also save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, since you won’t have to spend money on having separate phone systems installed in each site. With a cloud-based phone system, you can centralize communications, which allows for easier management. For example, one administrator is able to manage the entire system, so no need to have multiple admins for each site.

Free Upgrades for New Technologies and Features

You know how costly it can be to upgrade a business phone system when new technologies or features come out. With a cloud phone system, you don’t have to worry about this because upgrades are done free of charge. These companies are always adding new functions and some provide free upgrades for new features that release each year.

Integrate Phones with Google Services

If you use Gmail, Google Hangouts, Drive and other Google applications, your phone system can be linked to them through a VoIP business phone system. This means that you will be able to check and send emails, conduct hangouts sessions, upload and view documents on Google Drive and browse Chrome on your phone. It also syncs your Google calendar, so that you can keep track of events, meetings and other important dates.

Use Your Own Device

If you’ve already purchased business smartphones or have a preference for a particular brand or model, you can find a VoIP phone provider who allows you to use your own device. Typically, any Android, iOS or Windows device can be used, including desktops, tablets and laptops. So you’re not only limited to using smartphones for your business communications.

Quick to Set Up and Manage

With a VoIP phone system, you don’t have to worry about having a technician come to your office to install new lines and phones. Everything is done online. It’s easy to set it up yourself and there’s no downtime experienced. In most cases, you can have your business phone system set up in just five minutes. Then the maintenance can be done internally by your IT team. So no need for paying a third-party to troubleshoot or maintain your system.

If you’re currently searching around for a business phone system to upgrade to, then you should keep these features in mind as you search. You’ll find a variety of providers out there that offer cloud services that are affordable, reliable and feature-rich.

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