In the past couple of weeks both Southern and Southeastern trains have been caught doing dumb things to customers. I did a pretty dumb thing to myself recently which East Coast trains were very helpful in undoing.

I arranged a trip to Peterborough only to find I’d double booked myself. I spotted this shortly after booking my cheap no refunds no flex fare. I called Lyndsay at East Coast to ask for help and they confirmed the transaction had gone through exactly as I’d booked it. The tickets were already on their way. Lyndsay suggested that I rebook the journey at the correct time and then she kindly agreed to refund my error, in full. I returned the wrong set of tickets and sure enough, the money was refunded to my credit card.

Lyndsay didn’t follow the rules as laid out on the company website. Nope. She engaged her service radar and solved my error. Lyndsay’s a great example of engagement in a front line service delivering ain’t they great employee.

I also had a completely hassle free journey when I travelled, and I took advantage of their free on board wi-fi.

Good work East Coast, and thanks Lyndsay.

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