Another exciting year in eLearning began with the Learning Technologies trade show which took place at London Olympia on 29th-30th January. Two days of exploration of newlearning management systems, authoring tools and content providers led me to the following conclusions.

1) Education is changing…everywhere. No matter if it is corporate learning or the education sector, the changes are inevitable and for good!

2) Mobile Learning (mLearning) is not the new eLearning. Mobile applications will complement your online or inclass courses.

Your learners cannot realistically sit a course on their mobile phone, however a mobile application might be helpful if you would like to read a course overview on your way in to work, as an example.

3) In the era of TEDtalks and Youtube text becomes less and less appealing. That is why content developers focus on videos, images and voice in the form of mLearning bitesize videos and engaging animations.

4) Social learning is another buzz word of 2014. Learners love connecting online, asking questions on forums and ideally receiving video replies…Connecting with your learning community in this way accompanies other concepts like the "flipped classroom"and blended learning.

5) Gamification means implementation of game-like elements into eLearning. We all love to be rewarded…even if it is only a badge or a virtual medal, when you complete a chapter of your eLearning. For an excellent book about the gamification trend – try Jane McGonigal "Reality is Broken"

6) 70:20:10 is a learning model which has been worked on since the 1960's…and it looks like Charles Jennings" nailed it! If you run an organisation which focuses on their employees development, you should know that they learn 70% on the job, 20% from interaction and 10% from formal learning. If you would like to find out how good learning management system could help with that follow @Stratusvle on Twitter.

by Iga Szczygiel

Marketing Lead for Stratus eLearning platform

First published on Stratus blog