For Training Professionals it is vital that the training courses provided for staff fulfil some key criteria:

– Non statutory training must be in response to a defined need. Often this need comes out of the result of staff or customer satisfaction surveys or appraisals. Often the whole subject of email overload is revealed in this way with many organisations realising that training interventions are needed to tackle a poor email culture, rather than simply accepting it as fact.

– Training delivery must be flexible to suit the needs of the workforce who may be dispersed nationally or internationally. Valuable workshops for Trainers take the diversity of workforce placement into account. The days of all staff working in one big office are long gone and learning methods need to be flexible to cope with change.

– Training delivery needs to be high quality and consistent. This goes without saying.

Train the Trainer workshops on such subjects as email etiquette or email management need to adhere to these same principles.

A successful Train the Trainer workshop should empower the Trainers not only to learn the subject matter but also to learn powerful new facilitation techniques and skills such as the use of web based presentation software.

Are staff in your organisation spending hours every day glued to their email?

Do you want your trainers to deliver training content that will change the culture of email use?

If you answered “Yes” to these questions, then speak to an email expert today.