Recognise This: Claiming today as the only day to appreciate employees is just silly.

Today is officially Employee Appreciation Day. What does that mean to you? Because the calendar told you that you should, will you take a moment today to actually appreciate your employees? Or is the day just a continuation your daily efforts to show your employees how valued and valuable they are to your organisation?

I argue Employee Appreciation Day should be treated like Mother’s Day. Sure, on Mother’s Day Mom may get some well deserved extra attention and appreciation, maybe “breakfast” in bed made and served by her kids. But is that they only day mothers should be celebrated and appreciated for all they do?

Of course not! When your mom gave you a ride to an extracurricular school event or friend’s party that she didn’t have to, did you thank her? Of course you did! I’m sure you can think of countless other ways your mom deserved your thanks every day.

The same is true for our employees. Today should be nothing more than a reminder that we should appreciate our employees and their efforts every day – perhaps put a bit of extra effort into our appreciation today.

What are you doing to appreciate your employees today? Or how have you been shown appreciation? Tell me your stories – the good, the bad and the ugly.