I was honored to see Globoforce included as the only recognition provider in the Aberdeen Group’s Research Preview – Employee Engagement: Strategies to Drive Operational Excellence.

I am greatly anticipating this report, due out this month, that promises the “how” of employee engagement. As the preview says:

“Our research will provide clear actions that organizations can pursue to drive engagement, and the tools available to help them engage (and therefore attract, retain, and improve the performance of) their key employees. It will also look at the enabling technologies that can be used throughout the employee lifecycle and in planning for succession and future workforce needs to target and engage the right individuals for the right roles to achieve business results.”

Company leaders are crying out for such practical steps. Indeed, one leader anticipating the Macleod review of employee engagement commented: “We want practical, tangible ways of helping businesses. If the review can help organisations attract the best people and retain and engage them, then that’s great.”

I’m sure strategic employee recognition will be one of those clear actions as it is a practical, tangible and, critically, measurable and reportable way of motivating, retaining and engaging employees.

What would you hope to see in this study? What questions do you have about employee engagement that are still unanswered?

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