In this recession hit economy, it may be free resources that you are searching for.  My favourite place to turn to for precedents in employment law is the Legal Action Group (‘LAG’). 

The LAG is a charity set up to promote access to justice for all.  It has a particular focus on disadvantaged sectors of society.  I am always inspired to hear stories from philanthropic individuals.  In this case, the LAG arose from the ideas of four prominent solicitors in London.  These four solicitors called a meeting from which 80 lawyers and academics concerning the current position in which there was inadequate access to justice.  The Nuffield Foundation provided a grant that enabled the formation of the LAG in 2002.

The LAG publishes handbooks on various subjects of the law.  In addition they produce a monthly magazine called ‘Legal Action’ that is widely read amongst legal advisers.  They are also available to provide training to lawyers and advisers.  They run a series of courses throughout the year on a number of legal subjects.  The next training course on Employment Law Essentials will be held on 30 November 2009 and taught by Tamara Lewis.  If you are a law student or legal adviser you may be interested in becoming a member of the LAG.  You can enrol online for £30 for individual membership.  If you are unwaged or a student you can join for £15.  Membership benefits include opportunities to contribute to social justice, and you will also receive 10% off LAG publications and exclusive invitations to events.

From the website you can purchase a book on the Employment Law: an adviser’s handbook, by Tamara Lewis.  It was originally published by the Legal Action Group in 2005.  The eighth edition will be published next month in September 2009.  This book is an invaluable resource for legal advisers.  It goes beyond the theoretical academic content in its practical approach and includes case law and precedents.  The latest edition includes updates including recent case law on accrued holiday pay, the status of employees, equal pay, discrimination and unfair dismissal, and the new ACAS regime.

You can download a list of Precedents from the 2005 version of the book.  There are a large number of places you can go to, to get employment advice.  There is a useful summary on these at the ETClaims website of Naomi Cunningham and Michael Reed.  Cunningham and Reed have also assembled a list of discrimination questionnaires here.

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