Social media management is typically a responsibility assigned exclusively to the marketing department, or person. Part of this responsibility may include keeping the company blog updated with news, reviews and opinions.

But whilst blogging and marketing go hand in hand, I’d argue that to get the most out a blog, you should be seeking contributions from all areas of the business, from boardroom to shop floor, and everywhere in between.

There are a number of potential benefits to be had from embracing a company-wide blogging strategy, not least the enhanced sense of belonging and pride installed to employees who are invited to contribute.

Scouting for bloggers

The reality is, that for one reason or another not everybody within your business is going to want to write for your blog – maybe due to a lack of confidence or writing skills, lack of time, or general lack of interest – but don’t let that deter you from pitching the idea, as there’s bound to be a handful who do.

Start by inviting staff to come up with a few ideas for blog posts. Often it’s those closest to the action who have the best insight into things like: the type of questions most commonly asked by customers; trends in purchasing habits or sales data; and interesting anecdotes.

This type of information is gold dust when it comes to creating blog content: it’s unique, insightful and ultimately interesting to readers.

However you decide to publish blog content – via a named author or incognito – it’s important to celebrate efforts internally. Sending round a quick email with a link to the post can be a great way to show staff what can be achieved. If you want to drum up a bit of friendly internal competition, you can pull out some analytics data to show which posts have had the best engagement (most views, most shares, most retweets etc.) over any given month.

Above all this is about giving employees a voice. It shows you care about their opinions and value their knowledge. Even if they don’t write the content directly, recognising and praising their input can be a great confidence booster, especially when they see the post published on the site and being shared online.

Admittedly this strategy may not work for all organisations, but I urge you to give it a try.

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