In response to a post I wrote about engagement on the Employee Engagement Network, Jennifer Schulte, global engagement director for Mars, Inc., gave details about a communication campaign they have called “Engagement Is…” In Jennifer’s words from her comment to my post:

“This is an invitation for our associates to complete the statement with what engagement means to them, instead of pre-describing a definition for them. Of course it’s about commitment, connection, line of sight, passion, emotional & rational connectivity. For us it’s all about “how” we deliver results.

“The Engagement Is campaign has produced really interesting responses from around the world. Some of the best statements include:
• “when associates try to make a change every day” (Germany)
• “having the opportunity to succeed and develop in a positive, fulfilling work environment” (UK)
• “being fully involved within your team and taking responsibility for your actions” (US)
• “being part of something and doing your part to make it live and breathe with energy and a passion to achieve” (Australia)
• “give yourself generously, from the heart, to the common vision and you will engage others along the way” (Dominican Republic)
• and many more!”

All excellent definitions of engagement and an important reminder that while engagement may be hard to get a handle on (see my recent series of posts from August on the MacLeod report definition, Aberdeen’s definition and Blessing White’s definition, it’s not so confusing to employees who are engaged.

Here’s another excellent definition of engagement. I watch this video and I see talented people engaging their whole mind and body – all of their talents – in tasks they so clearly enjoy. And some are doing it in a perfectly choreographed dance with equally talented colleagues they trust. Would that it were so in every workplace.

(Video link available on Youtube here)

What are your personal definitions of engagement? Forget the analysts and pundits for a moment and tell me how you feel/how you are behaving when you are engaged at work.

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