Our online study found 87 per cent of employees say they are ‘engaged’ at work. Of this number, 30 per cent say they are ‘highly engaged’.  This is high and, perhaps, a little surprising. At the same time though, it is very encouraging.  

This does – to some extent – pour cold water on suggestions that employee engagement is currently low. It gives us cause for optimism.

We mustn’t be complacent though. Businesses are not in a position to take engagement for granted – certainly not while the economy continues to struggle. We need to ensure that we are involving, developing and rewarding employees in order to really engage them. It is essential we understand the key drivers of engagement for employees within in our organisation. Only then will more businesses reap the benefits of an engaged workforce.

Keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of employees want to be engaged at work. We want to know how our work contributes to business goals. We want to be part of a successful company. And if we are treated well and buy into the company’s vision, we are prepared to go the extra mile.

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