HR business partners have been tasked with leading HR practitioners to think and act more strategically and to develop a deeper understanding of business issues. This approach was questioned at a recent CIPD event. It was suggested that there should there be more of an onus though on HR practitioners themselves to be proactive. What do you think?

HR as a function is broadly in agreement that this remains a big and necessary challenge to tackle. In order for HR to be taken more seriously and get a seat at the table alongside finance, sales et al HR needs to be more attuned to the commercial agenda, to fully grasp the business strategy and challenges. And to do this, HR practitioners should seize the initiative for their learning.

A more knowledgeable, ‘business savvy’ HR team is a huge asset for any company. HR is uniquely well positioned to harness the power of their people and drive forward performance, thus creating a competitive advantage for the business.

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