By law all UK public bodies such as Councils or NHS Trusts must comply with the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED).

The rights and needs of all individuals who work within this sector need to be considered when carrying out day-to-day work regardless of race, religion, gender or physical ability and also regardless of their role within that organisation.

To comply with the organisation’s PSED, all staff have responsibility to have due regard to the need to:

For large public sector organisations, this may be a complex issue.

Training is required to ensure that all staff – regardless of their roles within the organisation – are aware of their own responsibilities when it comes to treating people fairly.

With the public sector under intense scrutiny training is essential in promoting diversity. To work with others in a team means having respect for and actively building trust with colleagues, drawing out different perspectives, keeping an open mind and always looking for value in the different ideas and experience that each person brings to the table.

Having the self-confidence to challenge non-inclusive behaviours means having the confidence to express your views assertively and in a non-confrontational way.

Senior Managers – and indeed all staff – need to know how to recognise the differences between people and get the best out of all personnel by creating an inclusive workplace. Everyone needs to contribute and appreciate what equality, diversity and inclusion are, the essentials of the equality act as well as the benefits diversity can bring.

To make a positive contribution to the workplace means being able to recognise issues of equality and diversity and be confident that you can do the right thing.


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