During this period of economic uncertainty, one of the major challenges that many organisations face is dispute resolution processes which are no longer fit for purpose.

Taking our conflicts and disputes into the court room or applying quasi-judicial, adversarial and often draconian procedures to settle differences and resolve quarrels in the workplace is costly, ineffective and outmoded. TCM has been arguing for many years that economic growth will be bolstered by keeping our conflicts out of court.

Learn how to use mediation to drive economic growth for UK businesses:

During his next FREE webinar, David Liddle, CEO and founder of TCM will:

– Explain how unresolved conflict holds the modern business back

– Set out the problems with the current dispute resolution procedures

– Explore the benefits of mediation:

          – How mediation is being used by to secure a competitive advantage

          – How mediation helps to reduce the cost of conflict, and

          – How mediation builds strong relationships both internally and externally.


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