We have all heard the horror stories of people getting caught slagging off their employer on Facebook (or the likes) – often ending in an unceremonious ending of that relationship! I am continually amazed how naive some people can be! Increasingly firms are using Facebook as a legitimate sourcing channel – targeting very specific groups based on details of their demographics / profile. 

This got me thinking – how is it that Facebook can be used to reach out to specific groups using what would normally be viewed as ‘off limits diversity’ information? How is it that we can not advertise for ‘experienced’ people on the grounds that it may show a bias towards age whilst I can quite happily base an ad on Facebook targeting 18 – 23 year olds?

And what is to stop people using this same data, consciously or sub consciously, in their evaluation and selection of potential candidates? Does the fact that the individual has chosen to put this information ‘in the public domain’ (and believe me people – it really is public!) make the information any less sacrosanct?

I would be keen to know if anyone had any examples of where Facebook had been cited in a discrimination context… Can of worms anyone?

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