Your brand is important. You’ve probably spent years building it and you need to ensure that everyone who works with you shares your passions and motivation. Therefore, finding the right staff to join you is imperative.

Outsourcing your recruitment needs

One way in which you can overcome recruitment problems is to use the services of a recruitment agency. For example, if you look at the way in which these local jobs are posted, you’ll see how candidates can make their selections but also how they will be filtered out to only apply for jobs that are relevant to their skill set.

Many employers just don’t have the time to carry out this process and so will end up interviewing some candidates who may look fantastic on paper but don’t specifically want to join your brand.

Learn how to describe your brand

Whether you are instructing a recruitment agency, or you’re placing a job advertisement yourself, it’s important that you highlight your brand’s attributes and focus on what your company actually does and what type of candidate you need. Use simple language in this process and don’t pack the advertisement with too much industry jargon. Recruitment is a two way process. The candidate needs to be able to fully understand what the role will entail, and what benefits you offer, and they should be able to demonstrate that they can carry out the advertised role. The Guardian suggests that honesty is key to every successful recruitment process.

Build up a good relationship with recruitment agencies

If you are considering using a recruitment agency then invite your prospective account director to spend some time with you and your company. This ensures that they understand your brand’s ethos and have a clearer idea of the type of candidate that will suit your needs. This process also means that the agency will be able to answer any candidate’s question fairly and accurately. Obviously pay and conditions are vital, but if your agency is also able to be able to report that company members are relaxed and enjoy their work, then your brand will be more appealing to any potential candidate.

Be aware of the skills shortage

The Daily Mail recently published an article claiming that ‘Britain (is) hit by the worst skills shortage in 30 years.’ The skills shortage means that you may jump at employing a candidate who has the right skills, but has little else to recommend them. You have to ask yourself whether job applicants will fit in with other company members, what they will bring to the role – other than their skills – and will they be a brand asset. Recruitment is an expensive process, especially if you select the wrong candidate.

Persistence is good

If someone follows your brand on social media, sends you their CV, or even knocks on your company door then that person is demonstrating that they are very much aware of your brand and would like to join you. This type of persistence is encouraging and it may be worth your while to reward such innovative persistence with an interview.

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