Watching the excitement dance in my daughter's eyes and the bubbling zest for life that she exuded as she spoke about her amazing week, Rose has discovered her inner voice in more ways than one. This week she auditioned for the UK's talent show – The Voice after years of pondering about whether she was good enough. Something caused her to recognise that it didn't really matter if she got through or not, what mattered was that she did what she dreamed about doing and had a go. Glorious snapchats, text messages and voicemail sing-a-longs brought a smile to my face. I quietly thought about the shy little girl she used to be and how she has transformed into a strong and fearless lioness with a roar that would cause a crowded stadium to pause.

This week I have been privileged to work with Virgin Holidays, helping individuals to re-connect with their inner voice as they discover that they have all the resources they need to achieve that which their heart desires. Years of protective walls dissolving and dismantling as the search for 'who am I?' becomes more urgent every day. Learning to pay attention to the whispers from our unconscious mind and living our life in a way that is true to our core self is a much tougher task than one would realise. So often in organisations, silos are created because individuals have stopped communicating from their hearts and have delegated their expression to their protective and often very prickly walls. The tough aggressive and confrontational woman who rages at everyone masks a desperately vulnerable soul who craves self acceptance and inner peace. The man who feels deeply anxious with any display of emotion conveys an inscrutable mask of objective and dispassionate aloofness. These walls become a prison that is overcrowded with inner voices who have forgotten how to talk let alone sing. Take a few minutes to observe those people you work with. Many of them will be breathing very shallowly and their throats sound constricted and tight. Any rich vocal resonance has long since disappeared as words jangle awkwardly from their mouths whilst their watching hearts fill with sorrowful helplessness in the knowledge that for the time being, this person's truth remains hidden and seemingly beyond their reach.

Within the organisational structure, employees have been seduced into believing that the walls that surround a person, is the person and have become so hypnotised by the greyness of their conditioned mind that they can't see that they too have built up some heavy duty walls. There is little point trying to dismantle silos and build collaboration without acknowledging that all the time employees operate within their walls, operations will be weakened by the lack of heart, the lack of connected engagement. The drive for more profit, greater returns, increased productivity becomes breathtakingly fast that the organisation fails to see the golden nuggets of growth that are gloriously abundant within their own walls. Training initiatives, communication strategies and re-structuring will not dismantle these unconscious walls irrespective of how much money is invested. The secret is actually really simple – when you see, honour and acknowledge  the real person  behind the wall and create a place of safety, then you entice their inner voice to speak out and this is when the magical interplay of collaboration starts to weave empathy and chemistry into the fabric of the organisation.

When you listen to your emotions, pay attention to the feedback that your body gives you and begin to trust your vibes then you start to notice that your breathing deepens as your throat expands allowing your heart to support you in your journey through the rich landscape of your life. Being totally honest with yourself demands that you quieten your ego mind (who is hell bent on world domination) and allow yourself to notice the gentle rhythm of Nature within a Universe that supports and nourishes you. When we give ourselves permission to listen to our inner voice we activate our heart and begin to feel the ebb and flow of a divine force that offers us the potential to transcend our incarceration to a higher version of the person we have come to know as 'me' 'myself' and 'I'.