Any Answers has been busy lately and we’ve been going through the recent posts to pick out a few highlights. All of these questions are still live so, if you want to add anything, just follow the links and get in touch.

First is a tricky situation for bigharry, who is moving out of management and into a more specific position but is concerned about being pigeonholed into taking up their new boss’ slack. We agree with AlisonB that the best course of action is to raise any and all concerns before signing a new contract to make sure that there isn’t any miscommunication that could cause problems in the future.
Next up, TeenaD was worried that her company’s lack of Health & Safety guidelines was putting employees at risk unnecessarily but no one else seemed to be concerned. This is definitely something that would need to be addressed but concerns over costs were slowing things down. As peterstanway recommends, however, it costs nothing to put together a draft policy and there are resources to help make sure your employer provides appropriate cover to protect both the business and its employees.
While HRZone doesn’t review HR systems or suppliers, we’re keen to hear what you would recommend. Have you ever used an out-of-the-box system or know of a simple, bespoke service? Share your ideas in sarahhowardillston’s thread or send in a tip via [email protected]
Finally, have you tried recruiting for mindset qualities over specific skill sets for positions within your business? Let us know how it went for you or if it’s affected your hiring practices or even your interview technique.
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