Bnet recently referenced Dan Pink and the idea of changing loyalty in an organisation:

“Today’s workers tend to feel horizontal loyalty — a commitment to colleagues, former colleagues and particular projects. In short, put people on a team, and loyalties develop.”

I would agree with the truth of this. Companies have effectively destroyed any sense of loyalty many employees feel to the organisation. That can be rebuilt through effort, but wiser leaders will work to also strengthen the loyalty and commitment bonds between employees and teams.

This can be powerfully accomplished by opening the opportunity to formally appreciate others to all employees through peer-to-peer recognition. To many, acknowledgment and recognition from colleagues is even more important than from managers. It is certainly critical in building an employee’s knowledge of just how important their efforts are to the group or team in getting the job done.

What do you think of the idea of horizontal loyalty? How would you support building that kind of loyalty in your organisation?

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