Reading an article recently made me ponder over something that I have never thought about earlier. The article was about a person X who met a person Y and just like that while having their first conversation they had an idea of doing a business and that was the starting of their journey, after that they never turn back.

This conversation was a random in and it started with the very common topic of pile of junk mails that students witness in campus of different companies. The campus officials thought of banning the activity as it was not coming under control but then the question was what will companies do? And just like that from a very common topic and unexpected interaction between two people, a business idea was born. The idea was why not to come up with large fridge magnets and rent companies for space for their advertising?

In this way both companies and the campus will be happy but the question was that how to fund the business? Being a student you are dependent on your parents or caretakers or you have to earn yourself to support your daily expenses but in either way you can afford to start a business. So after reading that, while searching information for my custom dissertations, I came across a number of ways through which students can start their business.

•Make your idea go viral:you have to be patience with this, there is not any instant formula to get success like that. By    using social media you might get the press coverage and people might contact you to support your idea. You have to be honest and hardworking and of course creative. 

•Ask for university grant:universities have been tightening any grants lately but then you have to leave no stone upturn and then we have examples like Zuckerberg.

•Search grants online:there are some businesses which offer grants especially to women to start their own business.

•Organize trips:this again could be a very good way of generating resources. This could work wonders for you if luck is with you and if you know the right ways of organizing events.