A leading salary sacrifice scheme specialist is helping Brits get behind the wheel of next generation automobiles with its extensive fleet of high-tech vehicles. Based in the UK, Fleet Evolution is at the forefront of the trend and offers customers an impressive selection of electric and plug in hybrid cars packed full of all the latest futuristic features.

Today’s automotive industry is more technologically advanced than ever before, with new developments continually hitting the road. From electric and plug in hybrid engines to sophisticated in-car technology and intuitive intelligence, pioneering advances in automobile manufacturing have made smart cars more appealing than any other wheels on the market. While everyday employees may not be able to afford such vehicles out of their own pockets, car salary sacrifice specialists such as Fleet Evolution are a great way cut costs for staff.

Andrew Leech, Director of Fleet Evolution said, “The new era of smart vehicles is incredibly exciting. The latest models offer contemporary drivers more benefits than ever before, from slashing fuel costs and boosting eco-friendly credentials to enhancing convenience and refining the on-road experience. We’re committed to staying at the forefront of salary sacrifice schemes and offer our customers access to top of the range models equipped with all the latest technology.”

For on-the-go workers racking up over 200 miles a day an electric car is an incredibly valuable asset. Ultra-efficient engines slash fuel costs while minimal emissions make them a great option for environmentally conscious drivers. Another option is one of Fleet Evolution’s super mini models which are quick, reliable and ideal for zipping around the city, the suburbs and beyond.

Mr Leech added, “Whether you want a car just to get to the supermarket every week, drive long distances around the nation or even drive up a mountain – there is an eco-friendly, electric or hybrid option for you. There’s new models arriving all the time so it really is a perfect time to invest in the environment with a salary sacrifice scheme.”  

Motoring enthusiasts with a passion for eye-watering acceleration will love Fleet Evolution’s range of executive sports cars. Fast, luxurious and surprisingly eco-friendly, the electric and hybrid vehicles are perfect for contemporary businesspeople who don’t want to compromise on speed or style.

Tech savvy drivers will jump at the chance to get their hands on a brand new electric or hybrid car boasting all the latest cutting edge features. Low running costs are a huge draw card for employees facing daily commutes while technological perks such as the convenience of defrosting car windows from the comfort of their own bed are guaranteed to impress. Purpose built mobile applications make it as easy as downloading the app, activating defrost mode and enjoying a pre-thawed car. Electric and plug in hybrid drivers can also take advantage of other handy mobile apps such as automated charging and interior heating.

As the demand for futuristic vehicles continues to grow Fleet Evolution is expecting an influx of interest from employers and employees wanting to take advantage of all the associated benefits.

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About Fleet Evolution: Fleet Evolution design and implement salary sacrifice car schemes which enable employees to save money on motoring costs at no cost to the employer. It works with businesses from 15 to 10,000 employees delivering schemes that are low admin with maximum reward.

Contact: Andrew Leech: email [email protected] or Tel 08448 483 455.