This week is UK Coffee Week, which is dedicated to raising money for the communities who grow the ingredients for coffee. Most of these communities are living in poverty, so it's the an important chance to raise awareness for this cause. 

FreeOfficeFinder is using this week to set up a challenge to the UK to go a full day without drinking coffee. Although there are mental and physical benefits to drinking coffee, there are also some negative effects if you drink it too much or become dependent on it. Many people feel that they can't function properly without their morning coffee, so we're challenging people to go a full day without drinking it. We're also running the challenge to try and help raise awareness forProject Waterfall, the charity involved in the awareness week. 

The date of the challenge is Friday 15th April, and anyone is welcome to take the challenge or share it/blog about it. 

If you'd like to take part in the challenge and talk to us about it, follow the instructions on the page

It's a great opportunity for your business to have a bit of fun while donating to charity. 

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