As we start the new year re-energised and with a renewed focus on our goals for the next 12 months, good planning and a realistic timetable is true for all projects. However, with regard to an office relocation this is particularly important.

I believe that one of the key pitfalls when moving office is businesses not starting the process early enough. Although this may seem very obvious, it is surprising how many businesses can be unprepared for their office relocation. Starting early is #4 of my Golden Rules and is critical for a successful office move.


There’s a lot to do, so the earlier you start the greater the chance of achieving the smooth move your company expects. It’s impossible to plan too far ahead. Ideally you should start work as soon as the Office Move Project Leader has been appointed.

All things being equal, best practice says that you should start reviewing your options 9-18 months prior to your lease expiration, regardless of whether you are considering renewing, renegotiation or relocating. It is vital that you allow enough lead-time to increase the amount of leverage and competition between the various options, which can result in substantial savings for you – not just at the time of the project but over the full term of the lease.

Once the decision to move has been made it is possible to carry out an office move in 4-6 months PROVIDED you have the right professional team on board – see my Golden Rule #3 – ‘Build the Right Project Team’.

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Top Tip: Give yourself enough time and opportunity to make the educated, and right, decisions.

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