Before Meredith and his team carried out their groundbreaking research at Henley Management College, the idea that successful teams needed to include people with different behavioural strengths wasn’t part of the collective consciousness in HR/training and management.

Nine years of observing management teams at work culminated in the language of Team Roles – a theory which is taught in most management schools today. But Meredith should be credited with more than just Team Role theory.

The application of the theory has enabled individuals worldwide to understand their contributions in the workplace which has, in turn, led to more effective working relationships. Project teams have been able to allocate work to the right people. Teams have enhanced productivity by understanding their collective strengths and weaknesses. Managers have learned how to make the most of their people by first understanding their own preferences and adapting to communicate more effectively.

Over a million Belbin reports, in over 50 countries, have been produced to help people make a positive impact on their life at work.

I have the good fortune to sit opposite one of the most forward thinking, creative and original management gurus of the past 50 years – yes, he still comes into the office most days. Meredith – enjoy your two days off and I look forward to your latest thinking on your return.

Jo Keeler, Business Director

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