I was invited to give the afternoon keynote at the HR Directors Forum, held at Mayer Brown the other week.  Here's a few highlights from the event:

Myths and Riffs of High Performance

The morning kicked off with a big bang from Professor Adrian Furnham, who elegantly blew away a load of myths surrounding the development of High Performance organisations and people. Here's just a few of the key insights:

Adrian released some interesting research on Coaching. Whilst in general Coaching is fairly ineffective, he highlighted some conditions under which it works. I was pleased to discover that my own approach aligns well with the research, which all comes down to thorough preparation:

Adrian also dealt a critical blow to the beloved "Nine Box Performance Management model" based on UCL's detailed research into the model. Read his new book "High Performance" for more insights if you want to do this stuff properly. Adrian also wrote an article on music and leadership for Psychology Today and The Sunday Times – read it here.

Adaptation, Improvisation and Organisation in HR

I was asked to deliver the after lunch keynote on the issues of adaptation, improvisation and organisation in HR. Contact me to discuss the issues I raised or for a walkthrough of the talk. Here's the link to the slide deck for my session:

Adaptation, Improvisation and Organisation

We'll be delivering a high voltage demonstration of improvisation and creativity when we perform with Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist at London's Borderline on October 29th. I hope to see some of you there. Failing that check out our flexible menu of keynotes which blend business and HR themes with parallel ideas from the world of music at The Academy of Rock.

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