Here at a&dc we believe that organisations must enhance their brand and candidate experience if they are to address the skills gap.

With recent reports indicating that there are global skills shortages employers should gear their recruitment towards international candidates. So how can HR professionals ensure they are attracting the best people? To address this issue we suggest putting in place an efficient recruitment process that assesses the intangible as well as the tangible and leaves all applicants with a positive view of the business.

The idea of skills shortages has been batted around the HR community for a long time but there has been no accepted way of dealing with the problem. The business environment in this country has changed dramatically as a result of the recession. We’re now living in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environment and organisations must realise this and adapt accordingly. Job seekers are now much more aware of the options available to them and as confidence in the market increases, they will be increasingly harder to attract. However, by developing a strong, tailored employer of choice message, businesses can engage with the best talent.

It’s also absolutely vital to use the right tools. An individual’s technical skills can be developed but intangible elements should play a key role in the recruitment process. When we drill down into the real skills gaps in recruitment processes, the missing ingredients are the behaviours and cultural fit within the business. Resourcing managers have to recognise that the right person for the job doesn’t necessarily need to possess all the technical skills and/or experience. Providing candidates have the right attitude, flexibility and the ability to learn, they can bring so much more to an organisation.

How do you establish whether an applicant is the perfect fit for your organisation’s culture? We’d love to hear your success stories…

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