Climate change is a major issue in today’s world. Encouraging climate action and environmental sustainability amongst staff should be a priority for all responsible employers. If every individual takes responsibility and plays their part, government targets on climate change will be achieved. Companies should support staff in becoming aware of the actions they need to take to become more environmentally sustainable.

When companies engage their employees in sustainability, it leads to sustainability becoming part of the company’s core values and brand. Supporting employees in being more aware of climate change issues and the actions they can take to be more sustainable shows responsibility and awareness of global issues. We take a closer look at how companies can achieve these environmental goals set.

A brief look at climate change

Long believed to be a myth or some ploy to instil fear in people, the awareness of what climate change is, has changed drastically. It has gone from being a buzzword people have used through the years to an actual issue we see today. Weather patterns are changing and as a result, nature is suffering. There is a lot to be done.

This starts from individuals being more nature-oriented and companies pushing for this with their employees at work. This is the only way to begin creating solutions that will give us a chance to win this battle. We will take a look at some of the practices that can be implemented by companies to ensure that they fight global warming on all fronts.

Lean towards renewable energy

Moving away from fossil fuels has long been viewed as an ambitious undertaking. This was something only the top-earning corporations could do in the past. However, it is fundamental that we all acknowledge the importance of renewable energy. Today, more and more people can take advantage of this. For example, it could be as simple as changing the light sources for offices.

Switching to renewable sources to power office spaces sets a good example for office members to follow. This may be costly at first but in the long run, it becomes a good investment for the company and the planet as a whole. Putting office equipment on renewable energy will also cut the cost of running an office, thus, contributing to the environment.

Being visible

Companies must be loud and visible when it comes to inspiring employees with climate action. Hosting educational seminars and workshops on how to do better when it comes to being eco-friendly. Having practical examples for employees to follow such as ways to recycle in the office. Cutting down on the use of paper and keeping most content on digital platforms will help.

When paper cannot be avoided, making sure it is biodegradable paper shows commitment which employees can get behind. When getting rid of old office equipment, have programs in place that can properly have the equipment reused and repurposed. Computer screens and monitors can be resold or even donated to organizations that are in need of such equipment will be a decent start.

Sustainable climate action

When companies advocate for less disposable cups, plates and so forth in the office, employees will stick to having actual kitchen utensils instead of disposable ones that can not be recycled easily. This is a simple sustainable step that can be done immediately with no cost at all. What’s more, employees would be quick to adapt to such changes and embrace them.

Sustainability as a core brand value

This action will require a lot more time, effort, and sometimes money. Though the upside can seem far-fetched, it is an essential step all organizations must take. Having sustainability as a core brand value will dictate how the organization operates. This will factor in various aspects from distribution to office management. Finding a balance is essential for companies with these goals.

Hybrid working

Covid-19 brought the world many challenges, including how to adapt to working remotely. Some companies adapted and even thrived in this model. Employees can work from home and be just as productive and effective as being in the office. When this happens, the carbon footprint of a company and its employees reduces significantly over time. Companies also end up spending less.

In instances where working remotely can not be avoided, companies can encourage employees to carpool where possible as well as invest in electric modes of transportation for the employees. Incentives could be provided by the company to employees that choose to take part in such activities. Alternatively, using public transportation could be a solution companies can look to take advantage of.

Effective climate action

These are just some of the many steps companies and corporations can take in encouraging employees to be more eco-friendly. The workplace is the perfect place to start fighting climate change on a global scale. Most working-class individuals spend a majority of their day in an office so if practices are in place there, it becomes easier to follow.