"Staffing issues in the new Economy? How do you deal with the issues of staffing in your organisation and what do you do about staff that are simply there to keep themselves employed?"

I would like to ask peoples opinions on the discussion raised.

Obviously, the economic situation is having an effect on all aspects of business but the effect on staff is particularly pronounced. There is a severe restriction on promotions and hiring. In addition, the lack of a viable jobs market means that staff who would normally have left an organisation are staying put (even though they do not want to be there). It would be interesting to get some insights on how this is affecting organisations and what the options are for addressing the situation.

One of the questions would be if you do have staff that are disillusioned or wish to leave the organisation, what can you do as a business to re-engage these people. Are they the right people but in the wrong environment or in the wrong job role?

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