Motivation is one of the key ingredients to bring out the best from any one. Motivating your employees will  influence the business to a great extent. However, with tough times and demand, it is natural for people to become disengaged with their jobs at some point of time. At these times, it is important to inject motivation tonic.

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Salary is often enough to keep employees working for an organization, but not necessarily enough to capitalize on their full potential.  But a motivated employee will always be a highly productive staff, which will help you achieve your business goals. Few thoughts on motivation:

The Impact of motivation on Business and Excellence:

Practical ways to motivate your resources

When it comes to motivation, everyone is different and what motivates one employee may not work for another. Employees can be motivated by various factors and by different people in an organization. Right from the CEO of an organization everybody has a role to play to motivate employees.

If you are a Manager, you should be the key source of motivation for your direct reportees and Peers.

If you are an Employee, you still have a role to motivate yourself and your team members. Nobody else can know you better than your own self.

If you are a CEO, you are the base of motivation.

If you are a HR person, Motivation is closely related to you, as it is to the Organization culture.

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Through motivation, we seek to secure staff commitment; develop and manage them to give their best to support Organization’s aims and objectives and ultimately serve the society with the best quality.

Synergita uses a new concept called “continuous feedback” which can help a lot in motivating and employee engagement.

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