Workers safety is the most crucial aspect of every organization.  According to the working criteria, roles in an organization are divided and with this diversification process, the safety of employees comes under the HR. It is the key duty of Human Resource department to ensure that while working on various sites the workers are provided complete safety and no miss happening occurs with the employees while at the job. To understand this responsibility in detail, let us further elaborate the various heads:

HR plays an important link between the management and workforce

Fulfillment of the safety requirement while on site is a technical process and frequently involves the services of a safety officer or an outsourced safety consultancy. It is the duty of the HR to establish an important link between the management and the employees to maintain awareness of onsite safety.  The complaints of the employees regarding safety should be explained to HR and the department should further convey to the management and plan out the further action and the necessary measures to be taken. This is an efficient channel to bring the required changes

Implementation of Safety Measures

Working on the outdoor ground can be a risk to the potential force present on the field. A failure of machinery or equipment can lead to severe damages to human life or even death. Thus, HR has to play a great role here. Being a Human Resource Manager, one should ensure the safety of all by keeping a check on the equipment and machinery. All the safety measures such as Ambulance or Fire Brigade should be there to prevent any emergency situation.

Provide Safety Training

It is very important to make the employees aware of the field they are working in. The employees should be given training by the Human resource personnel by making them aware of the precautionary measures they should follow. Site management safety training scheme for business is a great aid, it helps the employees to stay safe. Safety Training can be done by HR as it is the one who deals with the employees. Explaining the employees about the preventions and giving them knowledge of first aid is important as in a situation they could provide immediate care.

Monitor the situation

 HR should monitor the total solution in case of any accident. He will be the most effective source as it can maintain an accident book and keep a record of the reasons for the miss happenings if any. This will help to take measures further so that such incidents are prevented in future.  Monitoring the situation can be best done by the HR department and even the department only can communicate with the staff efficiently because of the best-maintained link and approaches.

There are many safety laws and regulations which require the companies to provide whatever information, instruction, training, and supervision is necessary to the workforce so as to ensure the safety at work for employees. The training includes first aid, immediate care and medication along with the other measures like how to relieve a muscle pain or strain which is caused.

Safety training is one of the key aspects to be taken care in manufacturing and other operations related businesses. With effective training, many prospective accidents and mishappenings can be prevented.

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