The Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) has just published its annual summer survey, and the results suggested that businesses have a lot on their plate! One of the findings, for instance, was that leading UK employers are receiving an average of 85 applications per graduate level job. And it was also revealed that there’s been an increase in the number of candidates applying for such roles every year for five years, while the number of positions has dropped.

I’m sure you’ve seen the impact of this first hand. And, when faced with so many graduates for just one job, businesses are under great pressure to be able to pick out the best talent. However, there’s a real danger that, if employers feel overwhelmed by all the applications, individuals may not receive the level of service they expect or deserve. Consequently, HR professionals have a responsibility in ensuring that the candidate experience isn’t forgotten.

So what steps can be put in place to ensure that there’s a focus on the candidate throughout each stage of the recruitment process?

The results from the AGR survey show that there’s been a rise in the number of candidates applying for fewer positions, and this is probably only going to get worse. It’s your role to ensure that candidate experience doesn’t get forgotten so that, when you do find top talent, they choose to work for you and not for your competition.