…is a question that I ask HR directors, business leaders and general business people all the time. Why? Because I believe that only a very small amount of men and women in business place the right amount of importance on developing leadership skills, and it is that small number that will go on to great things. 

How often in boardroom meetings do individuals ask for a budget to invest in developing leadership within their department or team? How often do success-hungry employees with an eye on climbing the workplace ladder come to you and ask ‘how can I develop my leadership skills and be more creative and successful’?

For us, Focussed Thinking is the key to developing leadership, and hopefully the short video above helped to explain that. We truly believe that a very small number of individuals are willing to do something about developing leadership skills in order to drive success, but I’d love to hear other views on the topic. 


Karen Murphy

Muika Leadership

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