Recognise This: Employees need Goals, Appreciation and Purpose, not just tasks.

Who do you consider good models of leadership? If you had the chance, who would you want to mentor you on your leadership style?

One person I’ve always admired is Colin Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State, national security advisor and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Since he left public service, General Powell has made quite a career speaking and writing on what makes a true leader. SmartBrief recently ran a summary of key points from one such speech. I call these points a true GAP analysis of leadership, which I paraphrase as:

Goals: “When the followers know what the goals are, everyone understands the importance of their own role for the common purpose.”

Appreciation: “Make sure that those under your command understand that you appreciate what they are doing.”

Purpose: “People want to know that you are serving a greater purpose than just your own.”

Conduct your own GAP analysis – do your people know the goal? Do you appreciate and recognise them for contributions and actions that help you reach the goal? Do they know the greater purpose of their daily tasks?

If you could pick anyone in history, who would be on your list of leadership mentors?

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