Improving and maintaining productivity in the workplace is of prime strategic importance for most businesses, but it can be more difficult to achieve than it seems.  The level of productivity in the office, factory or any place of work is often largely responsible for the company’s profit making ability and long term survival.

If you’re a manager or business owner looking for simple and affordable ways to increase employee productivity, read on for our top tips… 

Create a positive, productive work culture

A positive working environment needs to be in place at all times within the workplace.  Happy, healthy employees are the most productive, so be sure to implement a worker’s wellbeing program in the company.  Encouraging employees to reach targets and goals, and rewarding them when they do so will create a productive work culture that is recognised and rewarded.  Positive relationships within teams and between staff and management are also crucial for a productive workforce. Inter company sports days, fitness challenges, and even fitness at work equipment are all relatively easy and low cost to implement.

Invest in training and skills

Employees with more skills achieve more, and the more skills staff have the more innovative they will be with their work.  Investing in appropriate training is a winner all round, with staff development often though to contribute to a lower staff turnover.  In addition, skilled staff need less supervision, helping to create an all round more productive workplace. 

Review your staff benefits package

There’s no better way to boost morale in the office than to put extra benefits in place.  Good benefits packages can attract the best employees and retain the most productive workers you already have.  Introducing any employment benefits will make employees feel valued for their hard work, and you could even set targets for further benefits to be added.  Benefits such as gym memberships, salary sacrifice car schemes and magazine memberships are well liked and cost employers little expense or nothing at all.

Value opinions and feedback

To improve workplace productivity it is important to listen to employees and measure what matters.  Make sure managers are monitoring productivity and progress of employees, and having regular meetings or appraisals to help them achieve personal and company goals.  Performance reviews are essential to measure the productivity and success of the company as a whole, and how to improve.  Value the opinions and feedback of your employees, even if they are negative; listening to their needs will help your business grow.

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