For many busy HR professionals achieving ‘zero percent’ agency usage is a reoccurring dream. Many face multiple challenges when striving to solely recruit directly, for example, finding the resources to manage a vast quantity of roles all of a sudden, or  having to fill positions requiring niche skill-sets.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that external agencies are often enlisted to support the process. The job of a traditional recruiter is competitive: they work fiercely on  behalf of their clients to fill positions. As such, it is naturally tempting to use multiple agencies in a bid to gain a broader selection of candidates.

But, hand-in-hand with the relief external agencies provide comes the task, for HR professionals, of having to manage them!

So what is the best method for overseeing them? Here’s where recruitment software comes into play.

Dig deeper into the functionality of applicant tracking systems, and busy HR professionals will be delighted to discover the ‘Agency Portal’.

Agency Portal: Functionality to Manage your Suppliers

This functionality allows you to simply input all of the information for your agencies, set them up with their own profiles and allows you to can manage and communicate your recruitment process with them via this platform, with ease.

So, without further ado, let us share  some of the impressive features the agency portal tool within recruiting platforms can achieve.

Watch those pennies

For each agency you set up within your recruitment software platform you can input and assign the costs associated with them. This allows you to build a picture of how much of your recruitment budget is being spent on this resource, enabling you to carefully track this cost. 

Keep your data unified

By controlling your agencies within your recruitment software you can ensure your candidate data remains tidy and in line with your existing set up. Your agencies will be required to upload the candidates they wish to submit; this means they will have to provide mandatory information and you can see this data in a way that is familiar to you. And, adds to your talent pool for future use.

Report on performance

By managing your agencies within your ATS you can report on agency spend and individual agency performance. You can also include the metrics associated with your agencies when reporting on your overall recruitment performance. Gone are the days of having to input information across different platforms to generate your recruitment reports.

Manage everything together

Manage your costs, data, reporting and agencies via one platform. Recruitment software allows you to login to one place and see it all.


This blog provides just a snap shot into the functionality of the agency portal, what you can expect from it and how it can help to relieve your workload further. Shop around and request a demo of this tool from recruitment software suppliers to see it’s full capabilities in action.