Every job candidate is looking for ways to stand out but, they aren’t the only ones. With so many recent graduates entering the workforce, businesses are looking for ways to connect with the most qualified applicants and job seekers. Using social media to find people who are the right fit for your business is probably much easier than you expect. While a search or two on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is one route you can take, Pinterest shouldn’t go unnoticed or underutilized. If you’re looking for a way to recruit while building brand awareness, look to make the most of the social media newcomer, Pinterest.

Find Candidates

In order to find job seekers who have interests that correlate to your open positions, you’ll need to do some serious searching. While creating job boards using descriptions with keywords can attract some people, you’ll have to do some searching as well. You’ll be able to connect with candidates on a more personal level by reaching out directly and getting involved with them on Pinterest.

·         Keywords:  Search for terms relevant to your SEO keywords, industry and the position available. Someone who is well-versed in these topics will keep popping up in the pin feed and upon some deeper digging, may be someone you want to go after for the open position.

·         Location: If you’re a locally-based company or are looking for someone to start in one of your company’s branches, search by location. You’ll find pinners in that area and can connect with them if they seem to have interests that parallel your business and the position.

Recruit Well

If you don’t have time to hunt down the best, have them come to you. Recruiting well with Pinterest means showing off what value your company can add to an employee’s life whether it’s community involvement, great recognition or awesome company events.

Get Connected

Because Pinterest doesn’t allow direct contact between pinners, you’ll need to find other ways to connect with people who you’re interested in, and those who are interested in your company. Because you may not want to leave a comment directly on one of their pins, consider options for getting connected.

If you’re looking for a new way to reach job seekers, consider using all the social media platforms that are available, including Pinterest. Pinterest can show your company culture and allow you to connect with those who have similar interests to open positions and your business. While Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great networks for looking and connecting with well-qualified candidates, Pinterest is a newcomer that can’t be ignored.