Most companies rely heavily on email to communicate with clients and many are now concentrating their efforts on improving customer service at all levels of the business.

For many organisations, email is the main method of first contact from prospective clients or customers – the aim – to maximise each opportunity which is key to their continued success in a very competitive marketplace and tough economic times.

By undertaking customer service research some companies have discovered that opportunities can be lost – sometimes due to staff being out of the office and therefore not responding to incoming enquiries quickly enough. Emails concerning information vital to sales or customer service can sometimes not be actioned effectively.

Emailogic have devised some simple rules to apply when staff are out of the office or not available to their clients for whatever reason.

Emailogic would suggest the following basic Out of Office template;

Thank you for your email. I am currently out of the office until [time/date]. I will respond when I return. Alternatively you may call the following number to speak to a colleague (switchboard/direct line)
Given over 65% of business communication happens over email it is clear that there will be a host of ways you can improve direct revenue and profit by improving use of email.
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