The investment in staff’s development proves to be one of the most effective ways to strengthen hotel’s position. Within a short time it improves service and internal culture of communication with guests. Optimal human resources management requires an integrated approach. So, it is necessary to develop a common HR strategy.

React Swiftly

In hospitality industry short-term tasks are very important. They include solving current problems and taking measures to avoid aftergrowth. For example, if the hotel worker was impolite to the guest and could not solve the situation, loss of profit from the client can reach hundreds or thousands of dollars. It is more reasonable to pay a penalty and save the client rather than let him go and lose tens or hundreds of times more.

To solve the problem of service, hotel asset managers should involve the staff in the overall hotel development and improve their personal skills. The most effective steps are at the junction of the mutual interests of the company and the individual.

Be Scrupulous About Hiring

Just having a list of questions and qualities necessary for a certain position is not enough to evaluate a potential employee. The most effective method is a three-step candidate check:

–      Qualification of the qualities and skills required for a vacant position;

–      Interview for checking personal characteristics;

–      Reference and declared skills check.

This approach may seem too long. But a mistake in hiring an incompetent employee can have critical consequences. An HR error in recruitment may result in costs that are several times higher than the average monthly salary of an employee. These are the costs of training, low productivity during the probation period and in the future work, the costs of searching an alternative candidate, as well as negative atmosphere in the team.

Develop Staff’s Personal Talents

It is necessary to identify the best abilities of workers and some special interests that the work could represent them. If the hotel asset manager applies the proper system of motivation, employees can initiate the manifestation of their talents. HAMs should try to combine financial and non-financial motivation, for greater coverage of the group. Each person is individual, and different priorities should have relevant reward schemes.

HAM can find a number of completely new areas of application of the abilities of each employee. Each worker has some hidden strengths that could provide tangible benefits to the hotel. Such internal resources can reduce the costs of paying to third parties. It is necessary to maintain records of employees’ abilities and to determine a number of directions where their efforts can be applied. The staff should know that the company is interested in the development of their skills. Personal growth of the employees helps to operate the hotel more efficiently.

Save an Employee to Save Costs

The guests’ comfort directly depends on the degree of the hotel employees’ satisfaction. If the employees feel their importance for a hotel that invests in their personal development, the guests will be satisfied with the level of service. It is important to pay attention to the staff loyalty. If the best employees leave, the upbringing of a new employee can cost several times more than the qualification of the previous one. Training an employee makes him feel as a valuable asset, brings confidence in his solvency and provides a noticeable feedback in his work.

So, training is one of the most important methods of retaining staff and increasing professionalism. The right balance between internal and external training allows to update the level of service and monitor the development of the hotel.

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