It’s never easy managing any sort of change within a business, and a major changes such as an office relocation can cause a number of concerns for HR Managers and business owners.  This article will highlight some of the issues and problems encountered during an office relocation as far as relocating your staff are concerned; anticipate what might go wrong and help you manage them better:

Reluctance to Move
When announcing your office move to staff, there are bound to be some staff who show reluctance to change.  Especially those who have been working for your company for a longer period, or those whose commute to work will be less convenient in the new location.  Give them a chance to air their views, listen to any concerns and try to be as accommodating as possible.  You might want to offer practical help by planning their new journey to work with them to ensure they arrive to the new office on time, and suggest any childcare solutions with local day care nurseries or after school clubs.  

Remember that if their employment contracts contain a "mobility clause" staff will need to flexible and accommodating about the change in working location.  Highlight the benefits to them about what the new office might bring in terms of a better working environment etc.

Fear of Job Security

Some staff may perceive the office move as the company making redundancies following the move.  Reassure staff that this is not the case, and that the new office will enable the business to grow and offer a better service to clients.  If you are making some redudancies as a result of the move, support those staff who are staying and offer plain explanation as to why you are making those redundant. 

Settling-in Period

Staff may take some time to settle into their new environment before a company can really reap the benefits of increased productivity.  An information pack will help to orientate staff about their new environment and speed up the settling in process.  Trival matters such as where they get their lunch, local shopping, gym and childcare facilities – are all important to staff, so the more information you can provide to them on the first day (or beforehand) the better chance you will have of a happy and productive workforce.

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