Nowadays, there is a new digital technology break- through almost every week and the new discoveries and improvements are infiltrating fast into our work life, changing practices and environments. The rise of AI is advertised everywhere and just recently, Google announced its big annual event, Google I/O, that its products will gradually switch to machine learning.

The need for human resource is decreasing with the implementation of AI by worldwide successful businesses and as a consequence, the HR industry is transforming rapidly, in a search to optimize the employee selection and retention. New technologies offer attractive opportunities to make all the human resources operations more accurate and also, they provide tools for employers to maximize the potential of their staff. As AI can not yet replace the human factor, let’s discover the most important beneficial changes automation brings to the HR world:

A Data-Based Recruiting System

With the help of digital technology, modern day companies can now promote jobs on a multitude of web platforms, for general audiences or specific groups of professionals. There is a high competitive level between the web developers that come up on a regular basis with new options for HR companies that make recruiting less time-consuming. Human resources specialists have now access to Big Data, which revolutionized the way business can understand who are their existing customers, where are their potential customers, how to communicate with employees and how to attract new ones. Analytics helps leaders to make important decisions and improve procedures based on concrete information.

Training and Communication

By 2030, Millennials will make up about 75% of the active workforce and in order to meet employee expectation, technological advancement is needed as the new generations have greater demands in terms of flexibility and personal development opportunities provided by a company. The young employees want accessibility from any location and good connectivity, meaning easy collaboration between departments and organizational levels. Online training, chat room meetings and HR mobile technology are the new required benefits. A portal can now help workers to send and receive information about the paycheck, vacation days and other workplace data with the use of an account and a password.

What is more, employees are now using cloud computing, which is helping them to collaborate better and quicker and also to keep track of the collective work. Free online tools like Google Docs made collaborative work so much easier, at it allows people to share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations and edit them alternatively and its features are constantly improved based on user feedback.

Better Connection, Better Retention

Innovative businesses are already using employee feedback systems to transform their working environment. Using regularly a digital polling or surveying system for employees, important data can be collected and analyzed in order to be finally turned into efficient strategies. Also, workers can be encouraged to suggest solutions after identifying problems and the results might also contain creative ideas that can be an inspiration when implementing novelty. If employees see that their concerns are constantly taking into consideration, satisfaction rates will increase, as well as commitment and productivity.

These aspects keep the staff happy functional and loyal, factors which will not only decrease costs in terms of recruiting and training newbies but will also benefit reputation by increasing positive word-of-mouth feedback.

Digitally Savvy, Paperwork-Free

The piles of needed paperwork for the HR department were slowly replaced by expensive hardware, which also needed some physical back-up. Thanks to the storage capability of the Cloud, that is no longer necessary, so companies can declutter their offices and cut the expenses with paper, printers, and hardware and keep information in one safe location. This also gives HR departments an easY way to browse through information and create useful reports. Moreover, analyzing cloud systems and Big Data together can also provide great insight for those who know how to interpret the results.

While influencers like Google and Facebook are gradually shifting to machine learning in all departments of their business, most companies still haven’t invested in the digital improvement of their HR systems, but they are expected to realize soon the benefits of workplace technology. The needs of the new generations that will dominate the work field are also part of the change, as updating technologies regularly will better fit their dynamic lifestyle.

The power of Big Data and Cloud Computing will change the way an enterprise discovers both new markets and new talents, making the human resources a much more precise domain where digital specialists and web developers will be an important part of the team.

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