Recognise This! – Sharing the workload is a sign of trust and a powerful form of recognition.

Sometimes the best recognition isn’t “thank you,” but “I trust you.”Are you the person on your team who “hoards” work? You don’t delegate or ask for help because you want to make sure the job is done exactly how you want it done. No one is capable of doing the job but you, right? Or maybe you’re afraid that one of your co-workers iscapable of doing the job and might actually do it better than you…?

Here’s an idea: quit being a control freak and glory hog! Let your co-workers help. Believe it or not, they’ll be happy to help and honored that you asked. When you ask for help, you’re saying, “I trust you”—and what better way to show respect and recognition than that? Your co-workers will appreciate it. Your organisation will benefit from it.

Be honest: right now you have a team full of…you. When you share the work and opportunities, before long, you’ll have a team full of experts, thought-leaders, and confident contributors.

Give up one opportunity today to a colleague. Ask a co-worker who has time if she can help you out for just a little while. She’ll realise that you trust her and her abilities enough to help you. That is the kind of recognition and respect that create a strong team and an unstoppable organisation.

Who do you trust? Who trusts you?

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