I am constantly reminded, for myself and others, that in order to keep on track we need to stop regularly. It might not be for long but it certainly helps ensure we avoid the creeks. Or if we’re up a creek already helps us get out quicker.

It’s easy to understand metaphorically when we’re up the creek that stopping would be useful. It’s easy to understand that to not continue to move up the creek any further might be useful. It’s easy to understand that stopping might provide time to assess the situation and understand what direction to take in the future. It’s also easy to understand that going around like a headless chicken isn’t helping. It just doesn’t seem so easy to do it and STOP. It’s as if the one thing that would help – ie stopping is the one thing we’re unable or unwilling to do.

What I realise is stopping is important at any new turn in the river not just when we’re up the creek. That is before committing to taking a particular course in the river stop and reflect on what’s driving the decision and understand how it aligns with our passion and purpose in life. It’s only then that we can ensure we start to avoid the creeks in life.


Stop is the first step of the Paddle Finding process and blog entries over the next few weeks will explore this step in more detail. Planned entries include releasing fear, banishing negativity and transforming stress into relaxation but I’m sure there will be some others that come to mind as we explore this step more together.

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